A swedish proverb


There’s something about this proverb that seems so true but at the same time it makes you wonder so many thing and aspects about love, patience, time, need, worth…

How do you know it’s enough? who settles that? is there like a rule for after certain amount of time you just give it up? or how can this be measured? To me it seems that Love and time is not something you can measure, times goes by and love either grows deeper or slowly starts to fade, not because you stop caring or so but because you decide you don’t want to put on into it anymore, the pain grows fonder so you just give up. Or love can grow stronger and deeper so that no matter what you do, the feeling is there reminding you it’s there beating stronger every time you want to forget it, it’s what’s brings you down on a cold rainy day but gets you going on a dark night after a hard day.

Even when I do believe there are different kinds of “love” I’m also fond to the belief that Love is just that Love, you either love or you don’t, because there’s no such a thing as too little, too much, skinny or such; I’m starting to believe that we’ve confused the real and true meaning of love with like, lust, ambition, greed, curiosity, company, responsibility, need, grace, empathy, etc.



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