Midnight confessions

12-7-2010-MidnightClock2It’s been long since I’ve posted and even longer since I write my feelings down…

Tonight in this cold Finnish night with only the light of the screen to light me I confess, I open up, I’m letting guard down to recognize that this loneliness is no longer the place I want to be, I want to open up and be myself again with someone without worrying of what if’s, I want to be honest and sincere, share my thoughts, dreams, ambitions, fears, issues, peace, love, life!

Mind the romance I want love, true love not an ice cream in a cone -something sweet that melts in five minutes-, of course romance is amazing but it’s not everything and certainly not everlasting.

To be completely honest it’s not the loneliness that makes this unbearable but all this infinite feelings toward life, love, existence, peace, respect that long hope to be shared with.


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