Late night confessions

A sleepless nightHave you ever spent a sleepless night just thinking what are you doing with your life? Not because its wrong or right, just because its happening so fast, so many emotions, changes, challenges, experiences and the amount of time that have been happening is ridiculously short, these kind of nights and thought make me realize and confirm once again how time is so “unreal”, so “controlled”… I’ve been thinking about my self, life, where I’m standing at and what I desire, truth to be told it have just helped me to reorganize my priorities, needs and beliefs. My beliefs are the same but the idea of them is the one that has changed or evolved, for better or worst is something that “time” will tell. At the end everyday I realize more and more -“You can’t deny yourself forever.”- truth always comes out like it or not and one can not achieve true peace and self love without acceptance and respect for one is. Nothing good comes out from denial.

-“There’s only one way of gaining access to the truth, and that’s not to expect anything. If our intentions aren’t pure, we might end up creating monsters.”-


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