Wanderlust is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.

I have this huge need to travel the world, to see new places, experience other beliefs, and to be honest I don’t believe is just about the place itself (don’t get me wrong I’m in love with landscapes) but more about the culture, their traditions, their history. What truly makes a place remarkable is not the nature it self, for all nature has their own kind of beauty but the people there; people are the ones that truly makes the difference between a place and another.

A lot of people travel constantly and each one of their experiences is different, but most of them contain the same context, if the people they met during their journey was nice the experience is considered good, but if they had bad encounters then it leaves a very bitter taste in the memory, one of the principal reasons why tourist places have to be “this” or “that” in order to achieve the trust and pleasant feeling of the experience.

Truth is that people are different even in their own culture, and if you truly want to “know” a place you need to meet a whole bunch of them, live like them, respect them to create an emphatic bond so you can get close to an understanding, you will also need to study them, read and research as much as possible about their history, culture, traditions, beliefs, values and so, blend in as deeper as possible; that’s the true beauty of wanderlust! All the experience that can actually offers you if you just have the will and take the risk :).

I find landscape beauty so unique even when there are hundreds of forests in the world, I still believe and know that each one of them are different and that’s when the culture, history and tradition part comes in :), that’s what make them so remarkable. All that story hidden in every tree, in the rocks, silently sang by the water running near by in the form of lake, ocean, river or may be even rain…


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