Closing chapters


One of the hardest and most difficult things to do is to close a chapter of your life and move on, is not just hard and difficult but can be painful, it’s amazing how “something” that used to make you feel so good now hurts, something that you longed so much to hear or happen now cuts deep down and instead of jumping in joy and circles all around, tears of anger, sadness, panic rush down, an impressive urge to run in the opposite direction and at double speed builds up, when not so far ago you could have sworn that was exactly and all that you wanted…

Time pass, you keep reading the endless chapter until the words worn out, until you realize it’s coming to an end, it’s over and it got nothing else to say, that’s when you realize that no matter how good and magical the chapter was you must move to the next one, for the story is not yet done and there are more many unread chapters to read that might be as magical and good as that chapter, or sad and painful as others but in the end it all resumes that in order to have a wide open perspective of the book of life you must read each and every single one of the chapters written on it, for you know that even if you want to re-read it the feeling will not be same as the first time for it’s a story to fresh in your mind and perhaps in your skin.


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