“No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.”

― Aristotle

“Enough madness? Enough? And how do you measure madness?”

– The Joker

Oh sweet madness that drives me insane in it’s most saddist and joyful way…

Screen shot 2013-01-04 at 11.02.51 AM

How do you actually know the difference between madness and sanity, when the line is so thin and somehow invisible… I honestly do believe that madness is a charming quality that can be used for better or worst specially since it’s so powerful, strong and bold.

Not long ago I found my self struggling so much with the insanity that lives within me, I was fighting so hard to be “normal”, “fit in” that I was killing my self, inside and outside, and as result of it my madness grew stronger than ever refusing to be ignored or shut down!

Went back to treatment and I was almost locked away into a ward by Doctor’s orders, I began a drug treatment to “ease” the madness within, honestly it did not eased it, it just numbed it and for a while it was ok, but the problem was that it didn’t just numbed the madness but myself as well, I was a numb walking person with no real emotions nor real thoughts of my own, for they were a product of the drugs and not my true self. Time passed by and some changes in my life happened, big changes that involved a lot of me to be tested and to put on my big girl panties on!, but the best of it all was the embrace of my self, embracing me for all that I am and I am not, I got illuminated like never before, I realized who I am and to be proud, amazed and love me as I am, with all the qualities and mistakes I own and will own, finally  in this beautiful madness of mine I’ve find peace and I no longer care if I make sense or not.

– I’m a good as I can be and bad as I want to be :).

There are things in this life that can be changed, others need to be respected but there are a few that just have to be fully embraced with open arms, heart and mind to give you the time of your life!


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