It can’t rain all the time.


Ok so yes I’m a bit inspired on Eric Draven  from The Crow, amazing movie sad outcome of the actor Brandon Lee, but that’s not what this post is about, it’s about what lies behind his infamous quote:


-“It can’t rain all the time”.

Eric Draven

The other night I was thinking about it, and as absurd as it sounds (specially when it’s really pouring and it’s been like that for the last couple of days, without any sight of sunlight anywhere), we all have been in very shitty situations, moments of desperation, sadness, madness, lost, hopeless that seem to be endless days & nights of continuing pain, sorrow, sadness and beyond, but as eternal as those emotions may seem at the moment, we must remember that they are not forever, things do change for better and worst, life is like a roller coaster that has its ups and downs, with amazing curves and unexpected scary bumps and that’s what make the whole ride so amazing and worth it, every seconds that pass by is full of excitement, nervousness, anxiety, trust, thrill and all those mixed emotions that makes us go in for the ride.

I’ve been observing the season more and more carefully, the more I observe them the more I realize that every year has 4 seasons (over and over), Spring (blossom/beginning), Summer (heat/passion), Autumn (disappointment/crash) and Winter (dead/grief), and no matter what or how long or short the season may be the other one will always follow, because guess what? it’s just how it rolls, so if nature doesn’t panic even if it’s going through very dark long and cold nights full of snow and ice everywhere, why should we? spring will follow and once again we will blossom and little by little recover the life in the landscape with warm sun and patience each and every single thing rise from the long dead winter time. You can’t have summer all the time and even if you do, you’ll find rain, or even more magical tropical storms and hurricanes that turn your bright sunny day into a dark whirled scary day just to be followed by a brighter day after it.

I’m guilty of thinking I’m miserable and that it will be forever like it, but reality is that I know is not, my “gut” knows so, that’s just my ego that’s so full of itself that likes a little drama (totally guilty of it!), and the reason why I know that my “gut” or body knows it is because if it wasn’t that way I wouldn’t live to see another day, the body is amazingly smart and knows when it’s it time to go because you can’t take it anymore, so I do believe that we know when we will die, we may not be aware of it but our body is, we need to trust us a bit more and trust the nature in us!


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