Valentine’s Day.

grumpy love cat


Because let’s be honest, not all of us like valentine’s day, and no it doesn’t has to do with the fact that you are single or not, I’m in fact single by choice, I’ve been single for a long time because I needed time to learn again how to love my self again after a bad break-up years ago, now the time has passed by and I’ve learned many things good and bad about being single and relationships, I’ve not grown bitter and I do still believe in love and love at first sight, after all I’m still a romantic, but I’m just not fond of Valentine’s day; why? that’s simple! I believe that the day it’s overrated, meaning it’s too much that seems fake, too much marketing for my taste (and I’m graphic designer & advertiser, ironic! don’t you think?).

I believe that love & friendship is not something you celebrate but you live on your everyday basis, so for my opinion it’s a bit useless the date, yes it’s nice to have a day that the purpose it’s to be reminded of this amazing feeling, but that doesn’t mean it should be exploited as it is!, if you truly love someone or are a romancer it’s your day to day actions that prove so, not a one-day-of-the-year-kinda-date!.


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