TGIF not! Home sick on a Friday night!


Ok so ever since the week started I have longed for Friday, this particular Friday because my roommate and I were going out, now it’s Friday night, I’m stuck home with food poisoning while my roommate went to the DJ event looking so polish and nice! 😦 it sucks! I already had the outfit for tonight and the make up and all, but I didn’t planed to get sick and I feel so week that I can’t make it to the bus stop TmT.

This is one of the times when I wonder if the universe conspire against you, or perhaps I’ll be saved by staying at home of an unknown evil or catastrophe! I know it sound very dramatic or even childish perhaps, I don’t care! The thing is, I don’t believe in coincidences so for me things happen for a reason that eventually unveils itself, I just hope the reason is good tonight whatever it may be…

PS I’m the girl looking outside the window, that’s the real me taken last summer.


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