What’s dating?


Ok so I’ve just read recently this blog post “What is Dating Anyway?” and it got me thinking, a lot!. We’ve come up to a point in our lives that we either benefit from social media or get the worst experience of our lives!, but as much as we would like to go back on time and date the old ways, that’s hardly possible now days thanks to all the technology that supposedly was build to enhance our life (at some point it give us nightmares to be honest!, and I’m a gadget sucker!), so that gets me to my second concern, if we are so plugged to our gadgets and spend little or no time at all socializing (getting to know people not just interaction), how are going to break the circle?

I’m an introvert most of the time with hints or moments of extrovert so naturally I live plugged or in my own tune, I like to observe people and wonder about them (I find it very educational, you can learn a lot from the art of observing around you) and one of the things I see most is everyone wants to be loved, one way or another they want companionship, so tell me how is that wanting companionship we do nothing to for it? We can perfectly work our ass off for work if it’s required but when it comes to love and relationships we want them to fall out of the sky? how can it be? are they really that different from a work-related relationship? I hardly believe so!, in fact they are pretty much similar, you give in, receive, set parameters, reach boundaries to see how far it can go, you trust as time goes by, and every time you earn more trust you know you have to work double for it!, the higher and deeper the trust and responsibilities are the more and better you have to be as a person!

No one wants to get hurt, no one wants to admit, no one wants to be the first to drop it, but eventually you have to, the problem is when you finally have the courage to drop it and admit you go out and find a lot of people that well they are not looking the same as you, some lie about it saying they are when in fact they just want something momentaneously or “fun”, some just don’t know what they are looking for until they finally find it, some seem to be wandering lost because they want something so specific that they might miss something amazing in their search for an ideal!, truth is everyone is looking for something/someone for what ever is it their need, why not being honest about it and avoid the drama, the hurt and perhaps a heartache.

You are either in or out the market, so why not be honest about it!


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