Have you ever met someone, a complete stranger that suddenly shows up in your life without a clue of what that person will do to your self, thoughts, feelings, life or even worst… your soul.

All of suddenly a person shows up in your life out of nowhere and you feel intoxicated by the person, your thoughts are no longer your own, is like, if the two of you have known from many ages ago [and I mean literally not metaphorically speaking], you feel like if you and him have shared a distant path… time… love… life.

Words slip out of your mouth smoothly almost gracefully, as it’s you are catching up an unfinished conversation that was interrupted unexpectedly by a misfortunate events. Thoughts become spoken words, words you’ve no control over, reason has no longer power over you, emotions rule your entire self now and it seems to feel a familiar tone within these stranger you’ve in front of you, emotions rule over the reason creating a bond or shall we say -reconnecting a long lost bond- perhaps?

Then life continues, the sun rise and the night comes again over and over, but ever since that first glance, that midnight encounter your head is not the same, your emotions feel haunted, you can’t concentrate the same way, you find your self daydreaming without reason just to be followed by a series of thoughts by that familiar stranger, over and over all over again spinning in your head like if you were intoxicated by him.


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