7 Ways Technology Is Ruining Our Lives

As much as I like technology and I see it’s wonders, like the Poison song says: -“Every rose has it torn.”- it’s just the way it rolls, our experiences will always be full filled with positive and negative sides, one can not exist without the other, so make we must learn to balance them out…

Thought Catalog

1. Thanks to websites like Seamless, we now have the ability to look at all the meals we’ve ordered from the past WHATEVER months/years. Do you know how terrible that is? Whenever I log on to Seamless, I have to close my eyes and sing the opening lyrics to Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful”: DON’T LOOK AT ME. Because I really don’t want to know how many times I’ve ordered chicken Pad Thai in the last three weeks. I really don’t, honey.

2. Facebook stalking. Like, if I came of age in the ’80s, I would have NO IDEA about how big of a creep I could be. I would have no clue that I’d be the kind of person to still stalk someone I used to hook up with ages ago and silently scream when their relationship status changes from single to an in a relationship. And I would’ve LOVED not…

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