When It’s Okay To Give Up

we all got cleaning to do every now and then…

Thought Catalog

When you are constantly questioning yourself, feeling as though every decision you make is less based on what you want and more based on what you think is “appropriate” or the path of least resistance. When you begin to doubt the things that once seemed essential to who you are, and feel that you are now only a composite of qualities constructed to please someone else. When you catch yourself saying things you don’t agree with, eating food you don’t like, doing things that make you uncomfortable, and generally being someone you wouldn’t want to hang out with. When you know that you have changed, and not for the better, it’s time to let go.

When the unhappiness goes from being something that happens intermittently, a storm in an otherwise calm journey, to being the baseline of your existence. When you can no longer remember where this long fight began…

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