5 Ways To Reduce Your Self-Loathing

this can be related to my previous post, narcissism…

Thought Catalog

Disclaimer: As someone who has indulged in some pretty horrific displays of self-loathing in the recent past, the following advice has my name written all over it. Possibly, it has your name written all over it. What follows is not a holier-than-thou critique, but a much-needed dose of tough love. This is a safe place, self-loathing friend. Read on.

1. Refrain from being a hater. I completely understand and empathize with the compulsion to rent a skywriter, throw a benefit party, and get a tattoo in an effort to proclaim how terrible someone is. Some people are just THE WORST and every human — dead or living — should be subject to hearing about it ad nauseum. But is that your job? Is that the best use of your time? You’re not the town crier. You’re not The Grey Lady. If the person, place, or thing you despise is actually…

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