Ok so this is a mighty though post but it’s something that I’ve been recently found my self deeply thinking and analyzing… Truth is that Facebook, twitter, tumblr and even this post is pure narcissism. I have to say that I write this blog just to put my words, thoughts and feelings off my self this is like a journal for me, and I like to share my experiences but I try not to brag nor whine about my life and the choices I’ve made (a lot of them have been bad and others really good!), anyway saying that let’s retake what this post is about… I’m some what “amazed” of this era, the social media era that is all about YOU! yeah it’s so about you that has become this deep narcissim pond in a way that there’s no space for anyone to interact because if someone try to say something about you, the first thing that comes from your mouth is -“You have no right to judge me! You don’t know what I want through! I’ve hard a hard life”- and it’s ok I can agree to that to a certain point, but then again don’t you the very same person who is saying -“You have no right to judge me”- is doing exactly the very same thing by responding him/her rudely and trying to “justify” your self?, Yeah I thought so too!

Yeah we are humans we tend to judge, categorize, stereotype  asap because it gives us a sense of comfort, “understanding”, “control” that to be honest it does not exist but in our little minds :|, yes as sad and harsh as that sounds deep down we all know it’s true, that’s why there are so many genres of music, movies, bars, hobbies, because each one of us like things differently. But let’s be honest what happened to the era when people fixed thing instead of whine about it? when people lived instead of posted it? Before I had this blog I used to and I still do keep a personal hand writing journal, I do not post or blog everything about me, there are very personal thoughts/feelings that are only for me, not because I’m selfish but because I’m not a narcissist that only wants to read and talks about her self.

Here’s the definition of what a narcissistic personality disorder is and that sadly most of us suffer from (I can relate because I’ve been there and done that!) now days!.

Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 10.30.23 AM

It’s very sad to see that all the SM (social media) that has been invented/created was for communication and unfortunately it does not do such a thing, it just puts a message but there’s no respond because most don’t care about it, they just want to “share” with the world, but if you really wanted just to share with the world do we need to know what you do 24/7? no darling that’s not sharing that’s pure narcissim and that’s not cool, that brings sm down and it makes it harder and harder to meet real people, people that actually care, that want to interact, share, learn, nobody likes to be with a person that the only thing it does is brag about him/her self right? then why do we do it online? do you think it doesn’t count? hardly! that thing is worst than you memory because it’s available 24/7 and a lot of people can see it and what’s worst use it against you! People we need to realize that everything that we post has a consequence for better or worst! (I’m very self aware of how this post can be and may will be used turn against me :S)

I do believe that each and every single one of us has a lot to say, but why aren’t we saying it? posting about food, where you are, how many pounds you’ve gained/dropped isn’t telling me anything but how self-loathed/narcissist you are; I want to know the real you, the person behind all that make up/acne, abs/sweat pants, bling/”______” attitude what do you believe? what do you stand for? why? all of this with self respect, I’ll respect your opinion, hope you can respect mine.

Handsome narcissistic young man looking in a mirror


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