The 7 Most Appealing Qualities In People

Thought Catalog

It’s funny how you can meet someone and know right away whether you’re going to hit it off or not — either as a friend or as a lover. I don’t date anymore, but when I used to I remember going on a single date with this guy and everything about him was annoying. Literally everything. The way his hair was combed, the way he laughed. Annoying hair can be shaved, I suppose, but I mean if you can’t stand somebody’s laugh, it’s over. As we go through life searching for meaningful connections with the people we meet in cafes, studying abroad, at the office, or in yoga class, there are a couple qualities they should have that will definitely make you want to be their friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

A Sense Of Humor

A sense of humor and playfulness is key, one of the most important qualities in…

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