Frankly my dear…


I love quotes, I really do! Not because they are smarter than my own words no, but because sometimes they just fit perfectly to a completely different situation from their original context.

In this case is I’m “suffering” from a – I don’t give a damn. – days in my life, not because I’m rude or stop caring but more like I’m not going to let you rain on my parade because you know what? – You got no power over me. –, ta-da! There I said it!

I’m just so fed up with everyone having an opinion about something that clearly doesn’t affect or concerns them and please do not misunderstand me or take this harshly, I’m grateful for your concern if it’s honest but if you just want to create a conversation and the only topic you find is over my life, and you think you can come and say whatever you please or how I should be living it better, just spare me your words or your advices unless you actually follow your own advices and are living a perfectly life, still I would pass the chance because guess what? I don’t want a perfect life, but a  life is my own, with my mistakes, my glories and my memories :). Now you have every right to say whatever of course as I have every right to do whatever I want and say also whatever, so if I just smile and then turn around and do the opposite of what you’ve just say please don’t get upset because after all I just couldn’t careless, after all this is MY LIFE :).


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