The Things You Will Regret

so true…

Thought Catalog

You will regret that you didn’t care enough about other people. In retrospect, you’ll find that you spent too much time worrying about your own silly nuances that eventually worked themselves out anyway, rather than concerning yourself with others, which is what actually gives you a sense of purpose.

You will regret that you didn’t apologize and make amends. You will regret that you weren’t a big enough person to admit when you were wrong and make amends with someone who really mattered to you. You will regret the people you lost because of this. You’ll know this is the case especially when you find yourself admiring the humility of those who are big enough to admit their faults. We admire most what we wish we could do.

You will regret that you spent so much of your time worrying about things that always worked themselves out. You’ll eventually realize…

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2 responses to “The Things You Will Regret

  1. I love this! When I get home I’m retweeting the crap out of this!

    I always live my life from that perspective and ask myself: “when I’m laying on my death bed, will I regret not doing this?”

    It’s nice to know that there are others that share the same vision.

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