Wise Words From a Comedian

The best speech in history!

Forward Walking

It’s fascinating how the world’s greatest silent actor went on to give one of the greatest speeches ever recorded…

Charlie Chaplin was born into humble circumstances in London; his father had left them, and his mother was put into a mental asylum. He became a performer at an early age, and was in the industry for over 70 years. He is perhaps best known today for his slapstick humor and silent films. But his most commercially successful film was “The Great Dictator,” which was also Chaplin’s first “talking picture.” Chaplin wrote, scored, produced, directed, and starred in the film. He spent two years developing the script, which was the subject of much controversy both because of the political environment of the time and the film’s plot. It was a comedic satire of fascism—with particular emphasis on Germany’s newly-appointed leader, Adolf Hitler.

Chaplin risked his own wealth and fame to make the film. He was…

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