girl’s dream

Ok, so I’m not a girl anymore, I’m a woman, in her 30’s, but it all started as a girl, a little girl whose dream was and still is to love and be loved. We as girls have a fantasy, mind the prince or princess charming, no that’s really not the point, much less is the castle and the happily ever after, the real dream is to find and share love with the person we are in love with, that means spends the rest of our days with that person, cherish those moments while they last, hold on to the feeling as we nourish it to make it better, deeper and perhaps forever.


In the end of the day, what every human being wants is to lay next to the person whom she/he loves, boy or girl, man or woman it really doesn’t matter at all, as long as it real, as long as the person next to you is there to support you, to cheer you up, to respect you, to love you and admires you as much as you do to him/her.

Love is not something you can posses, true; but it’s also true that it is something you want to share with whom is the other person involved in the feeling, it can be a pet, a brother, a friend, a mother or a lover, that’s why when you love someone you wants his/hers happiness as well, you wish to be able to share it with them, to be part of their life in someway, because you care.

Truth is we all crave love and romance in our on way, each and every single one of us has an idea of what romance is, and I’m pretty sure it varies from person to person but the only thing that it’s always the same is: LOVE.


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