Nomen est omen – Naming your daughter or son Sisu

Sisu my motto and perhaps one day my little girl name 😀

The Sisu Lab

You are perhaps familiar with sisu as the epic, age-old Finnish term denoting extraordinary determination and courage in the face of adversity.

It may even be your motto (0:44:35 – 0:47:00), passion, life philosophy or your favorite licorice candy. You might even have encountered the famous New York Times  cover story from 1940, or more recently US Foreign Minister John Kerry’s greeting to Finland in December 2014.

However, did you know that for hundreds of years Sisu has also been a name?

This year is special in that regard. For the first time in the history of the name, all Sisus will have their official name day in the Finnish calendar. This also means that the entire nation will celebrate sisu on February 28th EVERY YEAR from now until the sun swallows the Earth, and then (if Elon Musk has his way) we’ll just continue the tradition in our off-world…

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